Types of Services

Traditional Funeral Service

This service option incorporates all of the aspects of a traditional funeral that one generally thinks of. A casket is selected and there is a visitation for family and friends to pay their final respects. The casket may be open or closed. Some families choose to have a visitation the evening before a Mass or a Service, which is held the next day. Some choose to have the gathering all in one day, either all at the funeral home or all at a church or other locale. A procession to the cemetery may or may not occur. The casket is then buried at a cemetery or placed in a mausoleum.

Traditional Funeral Service with Cremation

Having a cremation does not limit you to a memorial service only. Many people in recent time have chosen to have an open casket and visitation with the cremation to follow. At our funeral home we have a selection of rental caskets for this purpose. These caskets have a removable interior that is replaced after the cremation. This service is very popular as cremation is becoming more mainstream, yet people wish to preserve the traditional ritual of a funeral service.

Memorial Service with Cremation

The memorial service is generally held after a cremation takes place. This service can take place with or without the cremated remains present. The memorial service may be held at the funeral home, a church, cemetery, or other special place chosen by the family. The family members may choose to create picture boards, which are displayed, and/or bring in any memorabilia that celebrates the decedent's life. The option to bury the remains in a cemetery still exists. Some families wish to take the cremated remains home in an urn, scatter them or hold them to be buried with another family member.

Graveside Service

A graveside service is a form of a traditional service but adapted so that all services are held entirely at the cemetery or mausoleum. The casket is not usually open for a public viewing, but arrangements can be made to do so. This service is usually lead by a member of the clergy, however family members or friends may also wish to conduct the service. A graveside service can also be arranged for the burial of an urn.

Direct Cremation With or Without Burial

This option is the simplest form of service that is offered. The decedent is brought to the funeral home where the cremation takes place. There is no visitation. The funeral director oversees the cremation of the remains and files all of the necessary permits and paperwork. Families may wish to bury the cremains in a cemetery, take them home in an urn, scatter them or hold them to be buried with another family member.

Direct Cremation With Family Viewing

This service includes the direct cremation package, however family members plan a private family viewing at the funeral home prior to the cremation. The body is embalmed, dressed and cosmetised and placed on a dressing table for a short viewing lasting up to an hour.

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