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1953 - 1995

Facing Richmond Street, this is the property purchased in 1955 to provide Valley Cooperative Services with more space for parking and an opportunity to provide their families with larger, more modern facilities. The original home was located at 210 W. Washington Street.

1995 - 2009

In 1995, The Valley Cooperative Services formed a partnership with their new Director, Wayne Tauber. The entire funeral home was expanded and remodeled. This endeavor afforded the funeral home with more space to comfortably serve large numbers of people in a warm atmosphere, while also providing areas of privacy and quiet for family and friends.

1997 - 2009

Wayne purchased the building adjacent to the funeral home and this building was used primarily to serve friends and neighbors from the Hmong community. The entire building was remodeled and also served as a luncheon facility for funerals held at the funeral home.

March 25, 2009

A midnight call alerted us all to a devastating fire that started in the garage of the funeral home. By early morning, after three ladder trucks poured thousands of gallons of water onto the fire, 90% of the funeral home was destroyed. The business never skipped a beat as Wayne and his staff moved into the adjacent building, while a third building that Wayne owned on the property was being remodeled into a temporary funeral home. During the rebuilding process, Wayne added another addition which now connects the original funeral home building to the adjacent building. In February, 2010 the business was up and running again in the rebuilt funeral home which you now see again on Richmond Street. Hmong funerals continue to be held in the third chapel area, as well as fully catered luncheons. Family members can exit the existing chapel and enter the luncheon facility without facing inclement weather.

In October, 2010 Wayne became the sole owner of Valley Funeral Home, Inc. The Valley Funeral Home is now the largest funeral home in the state of Wisconsin with over 27,000 square feet. Wayne continues his hometown belief of “Serving as would be Served.” This belief has guided Wayne and his staff to treat families exactly how they would wish to be treated.